Monthly Archives: November 2015

I wish I’d thought of that

We often hear, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That is true in the art world, but it’s also true that it’s who you are or—more specifically—who people think you are. A recent story in the Telegraph confirms that idea. Fifteen years ago, Alexandre Ouairy was just another unknown European living in boomtown […]

My Life, the short version

I had intended to show this house with artwork on the walls, but as a buyer I would far prefer flawless wall surfaces to beautiful staging. Today a truckload of our stuff is heading to Maine. Much of this is painting inventory. The contents of this house have diminished and concentrated as we’ve finished room […]

Noblesse oblige

Although I’m not much of a joiner, one contemporary tradition I embrace is National Gratitude Month (November). I personally think gratitude is a tremendous boon to mental health. It has the power to lift an incipient bad mood, it helps lower blood pressure, and it makes us engage more in our work and with our […]


Several of my friends have sent me news stories about Dahlov Ipcar’s current show at the Frost Gully Gallery in Freeport. You can read about it here and here, and there is nothing I can add to those excellent interviews. At 98, Ipcar is suffering from macular degeneration and the loss of her friend and collaborator, the […]

The Forgotten Holocaust

I’ve written about painter Maria Kolodziej-Zincio before. She’s an encaustic artist who raises her own bees and sometimes works en plein air. The Forgotten Holocaust is a completely different series of work. In it, she attempts to explain a tragedy that is at once both deeply personal and historically important. “My entire family became the victims of Soviet aggression […]