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Inexhaustible good nature

Most plein air landscape painters are keenly interested in the weather. It’s not just that we like to avoid getting wet; it’s that the sky is as much a part of a place as are the rocks, trees and water. I’m a fan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Hourly Weather Forecast Graph. […]

Kids, the great productivity killers

Many years ago I realized that successful women artists generally don’t have children, the notable exception being the great German Expressionist, Käthe Kollwitz. Kollwitz, however, took the highly unusual course of negotiating child care as a condition of her 1891 marriage. Her father, who had championed her career, opposed the idea of her marrying at […]

I bring my own circus

Yesterday I got a text from a Rochester painting student. “I feel like I can’t paint without you,” she wrote. “I’m just not as good.” “That’s absurd,” I texted back. “Ask yourself, WWCD?” (After a moment’s reflection, I realized she wasn’t old enough to get the joke, so I clarified: “What Would Carol Do?”) She […]

Welcome to the neighborhood

One of my favorite subjects for blogging has been the food we’ve eaten in our workshops. Here, doughnuts from the Willow Bake Shoppe, now just down the road from me. While I was in mid-Hudson, I got a note from a student suggesting I send my blog link to the Bangor Daily News. I’d been […]

Traveling truths

Catskills over Athens, NY, 8X6, oil on canvasboard, Carol L. Douglas. The grass is courtesy of a park worker who was string-trimming nearby. Not to worry; it will pick off when the painting is dry. When Nancy Woogen and I were painting at North –South Lake on Thursday, a woman glided past us in her […]

I flub where giants walked

Roundtop from North-South Lake, 8X10, Carol L. Douglas Located on a flat outcropping of the Catskill Escarpment at an elevation of 2250 feet, North-South Lake was once split by an earthen causeway, now gone. A spit of land projects into the lake at the stub of the old causeway. This was the site of one […]


Olana Overlook, 6X8, Carol L. Douglas Painting at a site for the first time is kind of like dating in middle school—you’re drawn to flash. It takes a while to see the quality in the quieter subjects. This is the third retreat I’ve painted at Olana. I’ve gotten the big vistas out of the way […]

Oh, happy day!

Overlook at Olana, 9X12, by Carol L. Douglas There is a limit to the mileage you can get out of caffeine and vitamins, and although I haven’t hit it yet, I sense the end is near. And yet today is one of the maddest, gladdest days of my painting year and it’s dawning spectacularly. This […]

You’ve got mail

Hard to see how one can have a mailbox here. Where does it go? Since my husband had already field-tested my router in Rochester, setting up my internet connection was basically plug-and-play.  That was a pleasant surprise for my overtired brain, which was expecting the usual scramble of crossed wires and endless holding for technical […]