Monthly Archives: December 2015

A feel-good story

A recent pair of studies suggests that attending life-drawing classes makes people feel better about their own body. The first study, done earlier this year, surveyed 138 men and women who regularly attended life drawing classes. The subjects completed various assessments to measure positive and negative body image, analyzed against how many classes they’d taken. “For […]

History mystery

A joke from my youth: “Did you hear what happened when they removed all of Tammy Faye Bakker’s makeup? They found Jimmy Hoffa.” I was reminded of this after the announcement by French scientist Pascal Cotte that there is a painting of a different woman underneath the surface of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. “We can now analyze exactly […]

Pinkie and Bluey

  When my daughters were babies I would occasionally dress them in matching outfits in different colors. That inevitably meant that one wore pink and the other blue. My uncle regaled me with stories about a set of twins whose mother used their clothes to tell them apart. They were named Pinkie and Bluey. Pantone’s […]

Pagan babies

I am from a Catholic family but was raised a Baptist. I am reasonably conversant with Catholic theology, tradition, and education. However, when my older friend from Niagara Falls mentioned “pagan babies” to me the other day, I drew a blank. The certificates she showed me were so sweet, however, that I had to look […]