Monthly Archives: January 2016

How to buy paint

My post about rules on Wednesday elicited the following comment from a reader: “I’m still learning my way with media and pigments. I suspect it’s a never-ending process.” It really doesn’t have to be, if you follow some simple rules in buying paint. Use only titanium white. Titanium is a lightfast, semi-opaque, very cool white. […]

Reading art

A Sense of Place/El Sentido del Lugar is a collaborative show uniting two printmaking workshops 3800 miles apart: Circling the Square Fine Art Press in Gardiner, ME and La Fundación Estampería Quiteña in Quito, Equador. The project revolves around the themes of biodiversity, local and global connections, and rainforests. The more compelling part of it is […]

Five Odd Ducks

I told Mary Byrom that I was dropping out of 30 paintings in 30 days. (I have my first winter cold in years.) She suggested that I post five paintings in five days. Instead I’m going to give you five paintings on the fifth day of the week, all of odd ducks. The smokestacks, above, […]