Monthly Archives: March 2016

Trumpery and fantasy

There’s something disconcerting about a presidential candidate whose wife has been photographed in the nude, who has himself been painted in the nude (albeit critically). A single election cycle ago, naked selfies of a political spouse would have doomed a candidate. However, one can’t be embarrassed if one feels no shame. Since that’s how many of us […]

Offshore Eden

In 2011, printmaker Keith Howard completed an audacious project entitled Eve’s Garden: the Lost Creation. The scope of this project was vast, including 150 works over five years. Howard’s stated objective was to “create a universal twenty-first century concept of Eden and the realization of humanity’s presence to the possible loss and destruction to our earth.” […]

Everyone should paint in Maine

Yesterday, my husband and I both left the house early. He was heading to the airport, while I was off to paint. Many states have ocean frontage. Maine, however, has great granite tumbles down to the sea. Even more than the visual grandeur, one first registers the gentle susurration of water, the rhythmic pounding of […]

Painting pleather

My reference photo for my current painting is extremely low-resolution. The husband’s suit was a standard dark-blue wool, which presents no real challenges. The wife, however, was wearing black wool. It acted like a black hole. Nothing appears in the photo but the silhouette. I spent Monday attempting to create an outfit for her out of […]


The state of Maine’s population is about the size of the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan district. What that meant in human terms was brought home during this weekend’s caucuses. Imagine the sense of duty behind volunteering as a poll watcher in one of the places that returned two votes. Did they take turns filling out their ballots […]