Monthly Archives: April 2016

I have a crush on a boatyard

It is still cool enough to chill one’s bones, but one sees hints of spring everywhere. A ladybug sunning on my screen door and yellow willow shoots belie the cold breeze off the water. At Rockport Harbor I was flummoxed by another sign of spring: a crane dropping the fishermen’s dock into the water from the spot where […]

The first real day of spring

Yesterday might have been too brisk for normal people to spend the day at the shore, but it dawned with that crystalline light that is the hallmark of Maine. It was the first outing for Plein Air Painters of Maine’s Northern Chapter. This is my home tribe in more ways than one. Peter Yesis called the first paint-out […]

This is not your father’s realism

Andrew Wyeth was almost the only realist painter to overcome the 20th century. He started his career at the venerable and modest Macbeth Gallery, where his work was priced at $300-600. By 1959, his work was pulling as much as $100,000. Wyeth’s prices continued to rise rapidly until the 1980s, when he withdrew entirely from […]

How to dress like an artist

“Artists? They ain’t artists,” said Mrs. Bullock explosively. “I know artists. I’ve ‘ad ‘em staying here. Quiet tidy little fellows—fussy about their victuals. I don’t know what your aunt’s got hold of—Bolsheviks, I shouldn’t wonder. (Look to the Lady, Margery Allingham) Last week I met up with a friend. “You look like an artist,” she […]

What do I buy?

Although the snow last night belies it, it’s that time of year when we pull out our paint kits and organize them for the coming season. I’ve been out once with Corinne McIntyre’s mid-coast group of Plein Air Painters of Maine (PAPME). Next Wednesday Peter Yesis, Renee Lammers and I plan to meet in Rockport […]

Marketing your work

Last Friday I attended the annual Artists and Makers Conference in Belfast sponsored by the Island Institute’s store, Archipelago. Henry Isaacs’s opening talk immediately spoke to the divide facing artists today: should we sell online or through galleries. Isaacs came down strongly on the side of traditional gallery sales. That isn’t because he doesn’t understand online […]

Clawfoot tub

Earlier this winter Susan Renee Lammers stopped by our new house for the first time. Exclaiming over our clawfoot tub, she asked, “Can I paint this someday?” I thought it might be interesting, but since we live where there are so many beautiful landscapes, it was pretty low on the list. Turns out Renee got […]

Same mountain, different viewpoint

A few years ago, painter Tarryl Gabel gave me a tour of her favorite painting spots in the High Peaks region of New York’s Adirondack mountains. Among the places we stopped was a hayfield in either Wilmington or Jay—I can’t remember exactly where. I went back and spent the afternoon with the wild turkeys, watching […]