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Offshore Eden

In 2011, printmaker Keith Howard completed an audacious project entitled Eve’s Garden: the Lost Creation. The scope of this project was vast, including 150 works over five years. Howard’s stated objective was to “create a universal twenty-first century concept of Eden and the realization of humanity’s presence to the possible loss and destruction to our earth.” […]

Driving to Damariscotta

There are three winter formations that I love and was hoping to paint this year. The frozen seeps on rocky escarpments are groundwater’s motion suspended and exaggerated. The cracked sheets of thick ice in tidal marshes are the tide’s motion caught in time. And the thin sheets of ice that form on the edges of […]

The world’s greatest numpty

No, I cannot figure out how to embed this in my website. That’s why I put it here. While I’m tentatively trying to outsource some of my support work, one thing I’m stuck doing is my website. Furthermore, it has to be done in HTML. I am married to a programmer and my daughter is […]