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There have been times when the sting of having almost nothing tangible from my parents has hurt. Thousands of photos, my father’s desk, my great-grandmother’s rocker, my grandmother’s baptismal certificate—who knows on what breeze they’ve blown off and where they landed. They are decorations somewhere, divorced from their history. Nevertheless, some boxes with my name […]

Free market recycling

There are some items which are very useful but which you can’t pass along to thrift stores—cedar shakes, Tyvek house wrap, steel shelving, etc. I could pack some of this up and take it to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, but frankly, I like the informal recycling system in our neighborhood better. Our trash day is […]

America’s favorite color

Now that I’m almost done packing the main floors of our Rochester house, I’ve started to look at paint chips. The walls are in great shape; they just need updating. Since my New Jersey friend is thinking of painting her studio, we went to a paint store together. First, she showed me some samples of […]

Everyone is having fun but me

In two weeks, I am meeting friends to paint together in Rye, NY at Painters on Location. This is the only time of the year when I get together with Brad Marshall and Bruce Bundock, and we’re all looking forward to having time to catch up as well as paint. Bruce has torn his kitchen […]