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Renaissance men

The last few decades have led to a significant decline in visual arts and music being taught in public schools. That’s a pity, because historically the visual arts and music were considered an integral part of educating the well-rounded man. Many people have pointed that out, but anecdote cuts no ice in the Common Core […]

The obtuseness of the effective altruism movement

An op-ed piece in the Washington Post earlier this week suggested that the effective altruism movement could kill the arts. Effective altruism purports to apply rational decision-making to funding charities. In theory, anything that demonstrates a good bang for the buck could be effective altruism. In practice, effective altruism means alleviating world poverty, improving animal welfare, avoiding […]

North to Alaska

Whirl up, sea— whirl your pointed pines, splash your great pines on our rocks, hurl your green over us, cover us with your pools of fir. (Oread, by HD) Victoria Brzustowicz recited that to me on our last day in Maine. It seemed perfectly fitting for our week at Schoodic Point. At midday, we watched […]

Doctor’s Orders

One of the problems with having a common name is that people are always confusing me with someone else. For example, I regularly get calls from bill collectors about a Carol Douglas born in Buffalo in 1967. Then there’s the disco star Carol Douglas. She recorded the disco hit “Doctor’s Orders” in 1974 (not to […]

All hands on deck

Among the people here with me, there’s a great well of other talents besides painting. That includes two fitness buffs whose idea of a good time is to climb up a rocky precipice, then follow that up with a brief swim across Frenchman’s Bay so they can bicycle back from Bar Harbor to Schoodic. They […]

A painting group gets started

One of the hardest things about relocating to Maine was leaving my painting students back in Rochester. We have formed deep friendships, and I want them to continue painting. That has, actually, happened. They regularly send me photos of their work to critique. This makes me feel as if I’m still somehow connected to their […]

I bring my own circus

Yesterday I got a text from a Rochester painting student. “I feel like I can’t paint without you,” she wrote. “I’m just not as good.” “That’s absurd,” I texted back. “Ask yourself, WWCD?” (After a moment’s reflection, I realized she wasn’t old enough to get the joke, so I clarified: “What Would Carol Do?”) She […]