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A feel-good story

A recent pair of studies suggests that attending life-drawing classes makes people feel better about their own body. The first study, done earlier this year, surveyed 138 men and women who regularly attended life drawing classes. The subjects completed various assessments to measure positive and negative body image, analyzed against how many classes they’d taken. “For […]

My Life, the short version

I had intended to show this house with artwork on the walls, but as a buyer I would far prefer flawless wall surfaces to beautiful staging. Today a truckload of our stuff is heading to Maine. Much of this is painting inventory. The contents of this house have diminished and concentrated as we’ve finished room […]

Creepy clowns

When I’m in Middletown, NJ, I make a point of visiting Calico the Evil Clown, a fellow so famous he even has his own Wikipedia page. He’s 30 feet tall and has been watching motorists whizz by on Route 35 since 1956. Calico started as the mascot for a grocery store called Food Circus, but his current employment with […]

Tough criticism

My son is taking Creative Writing in his first semester in college. He’s come face-to-face with the nastiness-as-criticism phenomenon. “There’s a boy who never has anything good to say about anyone’s work,” he said. “He acts so superior.” Then it came time for my son to criticize that boy’s writing. “Don’t retaliate,” I told him. […]