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Just sailing along

The forsythia blooming here is not the obedient, tightly pruned shrub of the suburbs, but the wild, sprawling mess of the shrub in its natural state. Along with spring flowers comes the first flush of license plates from away and visitors strolling along Main Street in Camden. I mentioned this to my pal Mary, who […]

I learn how Mainers cook scallops

The last day of a plein air festival always ends in a kerfuffle. “There’s always drama in framing,” said Ted Lameyer of Castine, who went on to tell me how he didn’t have the right mats and had to swap some from other framed paintings. For me, the drama was simpler: a cracked frame. But […]

Painting al fresco

Early yesterday morning I ran out and painted a cute little guest cottage hiding under the skirts of its mother house. Berna Kaiserian had told me about it, and it derailed my carefully-planned day. What a way to go! The owner of the guest cottage is retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge Philip M. Freedman. He […]

OK, so I lied

Remember when I said working artists aren’t party animals? OK, so I lied. Yesterday was the start of the best party of the year, the 2015 Castine Plein Air Festival. The festival opens with an open-air reception on the wraparound porch of the beautiful, historic Castine Inn. Built in 1898, the Inn is a block from […]

Slow down, you move too fast

I walk less in the summer, simply because I don’t have time. Still, I always manage to lose weight. My doctor suggested—sensibly enough—that I’m happier and more relaxed when I’m in Maine than when I’m in New York. Over 40 years, I figure I’ve driven about a million miles. Most of those are highway miles, […]

Be careful what you wish for

We sailed every summer until my brother died at age 17, at which time my father, in his great grief, gave up his boat. After that it was catch-as-catch-can. What I mainly remember about sailing is the endless scraping and caulking every spring. I’d like a little sailboat but my husband isn’t keen. That’s really […]