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Marketing your work

Last Friday I attended the annual Artists and Makers Conference in Belfast sponsored by the Island Institute’s store, Archipelago. Henry Isaacs’s opening talk immediately spoke to the divide facing artists today: should we sell online or through galleries. Isaacs came down strongly on the side of traditional gallery sales. That isn’t because he doesn’t understand online […]

As seen in…

One thing they never teach in art school is how to use social media to advertise your work. (Heck, when I was in art school, social media was limited to pen, paper and a stamp.) There are marketing classes and e-classes you can do online, but the ones I’ve taken dealt in generalities. When it […]

Driving to Damariscotta

There are three winter formations that I love and was hoping to paint this year. The frozen seeps on rocky escarpments are groundwater’s motion suspended and exaggerated. The cracked sheets of thick ice in tidal marshes are the tide’s motion caught in time. And the thin sheets of ice that form on the edges of […]