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My Bohemian lifestyle

Nobody really expects my programmer husband to work weekends. His is a creative job, but he keeps regular hours, even though there are times when travel and deadlines disrupt them. Oddly, artists usually don’t live like this. I suspect that’s a habit from youth, when we all worked a second job to enable us to […]

How to dress like an artist

“Artists? They ain’t artists,” said Mrs. Bullock explosively. “I know artists. I’ve ‘ad ‘em staying here. Quiet tidy little fellows—fussy about their victuals. I don’t know what your aunt’s got hold of—Bolsheviks, I shouldn’t wonder. (Look to the Lady, Margery Allingham) Last week I met up with a friend. “You look like an artist,” she […]

The obtuseness of the effective altruism movement

An op-ed piece in the Washington Post earlier this week suggested that the effective altruism movement could kill the arts. Effective altruism purports to apply rational decision-making to funding charities. In theory, anything that demonstrates a good bang for the buck could be effective altruism. In practice, effective altruism means alleviating world poverty, improving animal welfare, avoiding […]