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Maine bush telegraph

My friend from Maine was in Amsterdam (the one in the Netherlands) when he ran into someone he knew. “How’s your dog?” asked the man. “I don’t have a dog,” responded my friend. Turns out his wife had just acquired one, and the Maine bush telegraph had sent the news around the world before she’d […]

Not a Hudson River School Painter

Two people at this event have commented that I paint like a Group of Seven painter. I’ve been perplexed along with being utterly delighted. Very few non-painters in the US have any idea who these brilliant Canadian painters were. I adore them, not only for their mastery of paint handling and composition, but because their inspiration […]

Is it time to panic?

Yesterday morning I left for Plein Air Olana, at Frederic Church’s estate on the Hudson River. I usually post my blog early in the morning, but the Bangor Daily News blog feed was glitching. No problem, I thought, and drove as far as McDonald’s in Brunswick, where I bought a dollar coffee and used their internet to publish. […]