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Marketing your work

Last Friday I attended the annual Artists and Makers Conference in Belfast sponsored by the Island Institute’s store, Archipelago. Henry Isaacs’s opening talk immediately spoke to the divide facing artists today: should we sell online or through galleries. Isaacs came down strongly on the side of traditional gallery sales. That isn’t because he doesn’t understand online […]

As seen in…

One thing they never teach in art school is how to use social media to advertise your work. (Heck, when I was in art school, social media was limited to pen, paper and a stamp.) There are marketing classes and e-classes you can do online, but the ones I’ve taken dealt in generalities. When it […]

Losing yourself

I am blessed to have friends in many art communities. Often the only time I see some of them is at events where we are painting side-by-side. These events are work, yes, but they are also the chance to catch up with people I care about. That inevitably leads to unconscious comparison with their work, […]

My pochade box, two years later

Recently I received this email from a reader asking about the cheap, light and easy pochade box I made at the start of my 2014 painting season: I came across your posting describing the making of your lightweight pochade, and would like to make one.  I’m not sure how long it’s been since you made yours, […]

Not a cloud in the sky

Maine weather doesn’t sulk. It has its fit and then gets over itself. Yesterday dawned clear and pretty, and I went to Owl’s Head State Park to test the Creative Mark Protones board Jamie Williams Grossman gave me. I did this by dragging my houseguests along to play on the rocks while I painted. Owl’s Head is […]

Painting with pals (part 1)

Part of the joy of painting outdoors is running into friends at plein air events. I’ll be at Olana Plein Air from July 9 to 11. The event itself is a new one for me, but I’ve painted at Frederic Edwin Church’s Moorish villa overlooking the Hudson many times. I’ve done Rye’s Painters on Location […]