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Make your very own own toddler child

I’m always entertained when my artist friends cobble stuff together that normal people would just buy. Whether we’re confirmed Do-It-Yourselfers because we’re cheap, or because DIY is just an extension of the creative nature, I can’t say. But our default response always seems to be, “I can make it better than that!” Gail Kellogg Hope is […]

School’s done forever

Since I was only taking a small collection of dishes, two bedroom sets, the couch and my studio, I thought I’d over-purchased when I rented a 16’ truck for my move. By the time I realized the error of my ways, it was too late to upgrade. My workshop and finished inventory remain in my garage […]

Kids, the great productivity killers

Many years ago I realized that successful women artists generally don’t have children, the notable exception being the great German Expressionist, Käthe Kollwitz. Kollwitz, however, took the highly unusual course of negotiating child care as a condition of her 1891 marriage. Her father, who had championed her career, opposed the idea of her marrying at […]