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No, I can’t teach French

My NYU professor pal and I had a cheerful row about a non-French-speaker who is teaching French at Houston Independent School District’s Energy Institute High School. She says that a good teacher should be able to teach anything. I don’t believe it. Looking convincing is not the same as conveying knowledge.  Art, music and language […]


The state of Maine’s population is about the size of the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan district. What that meant in human terms was brought home during this weekend’s caucuses. Imagine the sense of duty behind volunteering as a poll watcher in one of the places that returned two votes. Did they take turns filling out their ballots […]

Losing yourself

I am blessed to have friends in many art communities. Often the only time I see some of them is at events where we are painting side-by-side. These events are work, yes, but they are also the chance to catch up with people I care about. That inevitably leads to unconscious comparison with their work, […]