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The Huckleberry Finn problem

Among Rochester, NY’s cultural treasures is the 110-year-old Dentzel carousel, nicknamed, ‘the Duchess’. Generations of Rochester children (including mine) have been enraptured by its three rings of 33 horses, three rabbits, three cats, three ostriches, three pigs, two mules, and a lion, tiger, goat, giraffe and deer. Most carousels, sadly, have been cut up and […]

Keep your eyes on the bouncing ball

I’ll confess that I’ve enjoyed reading about Rachel Dolezal’s fall from grace. It has all the elements of great farce: hubris, disguises, lies, imposters, and absurdity. Unfortunately it also undermines the true narrative of American race relations, which is not always kind. Wednesday’s ghastly shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. makes it clear […]