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Day off

I’m not in Rochester to paint but to sell a house. Still, when the opportunity presents itself, I can’t resist. Patricia McDermond is the current chair of New York Plein Air Painters (NYPAP). She got a message from a Rochester-based painter asking if there was a chapter in Rochester. That’s embarrassing, because it’s where I […]

Living sculpture

Back in the day, I was a pretty serious gardener. I led a garden group at a large suburban church and cared for my own plants. My schedule during the past few years has nixed that. In many ways gardening is exactly like painting. All the same skills, just different materials. My favorite garden task is […]

That church you dis

I’m in Rochester, NY, temporarily. When I’m here, I go to church in the Bay-Goodman neighborhood. Its per-capita income is in the bottom 5% of American households. If you want to buy a home here, it will set you back, on average, $33,887. However, more than one in four homes is currently vacant, despite the […]

The Huckleberry Finn problem

Among Rochester, NY’s cultural treasures is the 110-year-old Dentzel carousel, nicknamed, ‘the Duchess’. Generations of Rochester children (including mine) have been enraptured by its three rings of 33 horses, three rabbits, three cats, three ostriches, three pigs, two mules, and a lion, tiger, goat, giraffe and deer. Most carousels, sadly, have been cut up and […]