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Naming conventions

Around the time of the Bicentennial, there was a fad of quaint Colonial business names. You’d have the perfectly reasonable “Baxter’s Candy” suddenly reinventing itself as “Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe.” I bought my first reciprocating saw with the intention of editing out those extraneous letters. That was replaced by “The Shops at…” Pittsfield, MA has […]

Black stovepipes and blacker dogs

I am out of small toned canvases, so I took a 9X12 with me to paint my quick sketch at Rockport harbor. It’s, well, sketchy, but I needed to be done by noon. As I painted, I watched a man playing fetch with his dog, a tiny little ball of black fur named Moose. As I was packing […]

Why I never get anything done

Imagine the housewife in, say, 1910, making her morning coffee. She comes down the back stairs to empty the ashes from the woodstove and stir what coals are left. After coaxing the embers into life, she might hazard the inside pump, or, if she is a fatalist, she just goes for the jug of water […]

Mary never said it had to be good

Everyone has their own organizational system. My friend Dawn uses Flylady. My friend Toby is currently enraptured with KonMari. My system can be described as “put it exactly where I tell you and I won’t kill you.” I’ve been married 35 years; I like things neat and my husband (who doesn’t read this blog) doesn’t […]