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Saving for a rainy day

OK, my Belfast workshop students: do you recognize the place? Yes, it’s the mouth of the Ducktrap River, where we spent a delightful day painting and Hal dove in to rescue an escaping umbrella. Meanwhile a rising tide absconded with his shoes. It was very different painting with a small cohort of PAPME painters on […]

I have a crush on a boatyard

It is still cool enough to chill one’s bones, but one sees hints of spring everywhere. A ladybug sunning on my screen door and yellow willow shoots belie the cold breeze off the water. At Rockport Harbor I was flummoxed by another sign of spring: a crane dropping the fishermen’s dock into the water from the spot where […]

Marketing your work

Last Friday I attended the annual Artists and Makers Conference in Belfast sponsored by the Island Institute’s store, Archipelago. Henry Isaacs’s opening talk immediately spoke to the divide facing artists today: should we sell online or through galleries. Isaacs came down strongly on the side of traditional gallery sales. That isn’t because he doesn’t understand online […]

Clawfoot tub

Earlier this winter Susan Renee Lammers stopped by our new house for the first time. Exclaiming over our clawfoot tub, she asked, “Can I paint this someday?” I thought it might be interesting, but since we live where there are so many beautiful landscapes, it was pretty low on the list. Turns out Renee got […]