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A hip flask and I’m on my way

It seems silly to complain about heavy rain in New York when the Maine coast is inundated. We got 3” of rain overnight, but that is nothing in comparison. Nobody here is bailing their mudroom out, as my friend Eileen was doing in Belfast yesterday. My house-sitter checked in to tell me that my house […]

Storm flags

Just yesterday I wrote that I was looking forward to heading to NYC this weekend, where the breathing wouldn’t be as bad as it is here in the Genesee Valley. Hah! It turns out that New York is under a Tropical Storm Watch. Joaquin is approaching hurricane strength and may or may not aim for […]


“You sound like you have that cold that has been going around,” a co-worker told my husband. “Everyone’s got it.” I’ve got “it” too, and any time everybody’s got a cold, I suspect allergies. Rochester calls itself the Flower City for good reason: it is full of flowering shrubs, trees, perennials and border gardens, all […]

Beautiful scenery and a lobster dinner… yum!

As most Mainers will happily tell you, the weather forecast frequently isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on (especially since we all get it on our phones now). The Maine coast is a maze of tiny inlets and peninsulas, which means a million microclimates strung together in a highly-complex blanket. The weather appears to be […]

Of bees and bandages

While this is my first time participating in Olana Plein Air, I’ve painted at the site several times. Usually, it’s a choice of painting well or chatting with friends I seldom see. Since yesterday dawned misty and grey, I figured it was the perfect time to catch up with my pals. Oddly enough, for as much as […]

Inexhaustible good nature

Most plein air landscape painters are keenly interested in the weather. It’s not just that we like to avoid getting wet; it’s that the sky is as much a part of a place as are the rocks, trees and water. I’m a fan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Hourly Weather Forecast Graph. […]