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Painter of the Taiga

Wandering around Denali last week, I came upon a sign bearing a faded picture of a painting by Belmore Browne. A hundred years ago, this artist came within a few hundred feet of being the first person to scale the mountain then known as McKinley. Now he’s pretty much forgotten. In 1906 explorer Frederick Cook […]

About dogs

I have had dogs since I was born. However, my elderly Jack Russell is going to be my last dog. This is less about dogs than about modern life. Fifteen years ago, I could take Max on solitary camping/painting junkets. He ran free, earning his keep as an early-warning system. Today it seems that Max cannot go […]

In the Klondike

Since we turned onto the Alaskan Highway, we’ve been running with a pair of Honda Fits. My little Prius is currently having its cracked springs replaced courtesy of Maine’s roads, so I’ve worried about those Fits. I’ve watched them slither over some jarring pavement, or lack of it. By Liard River, we were calling brief […]

Traveling light

In less than four weeks, I embark on an odd and interesting trip. Four of us are delivering a small SUV to Anchorage, Alaska. Because it will contain most of my daughter’s worldly goods, I intend to keep my luggage down to a carry-on bag, my laptop, my camera, and, of course, a small watercolor […]